April 20, 2012

F1 new fan, that's me!

I've been watching the race since 2011. Can't remember which GP I watched for the first time, but I remember watching the Monaco GP in 2011. Looking back at F1 2011 calender, Monaco GP was held on May, 29th. So, actually I almost watch the race from the beginning :) And then I started to watch the race regularly although I missed a couple of races. This year, unfortunately Indonesian can't watch the race through TV since no local TV station bought the permission as they thought it was a bit expensive and the show itself got a low rating. Well, I have to admit that people love Moto GP and soccer more. 

So, why I love this sport? First thing first, I was amazed by how fast the car can reach in less than one second. I'm not a slow driver myself, I can't stand driving slowly I have to admit. Secondly, I personally think this race is a safer race to watch than Moto GP, if you know what I mean. Even though all car races have their own danger & risk, I still prefer to watch F1 than MotoGP.

What make me fell for this sport next in list is the tension. The gap between cars could be just seconds or even per seconds away. Can you imagine you have to hold your position with 23 cars behind you racing to beat you an take your number one position? Fiuh.. Next is the pit stops. It's always interesting to watch the pit stops. Change 4 tires in just a matter of seconds. So far (until GP China), Ferrari is the fastest pit crew which only need 2,4 seconds to change all 4 tires!

So, what is a race without overtakes? It will be a very boring race to watch, no? My favorite overtake is the one that happens while the racers are cornering. Because overtake in straight lane is kinda usual for me. Not to mention if it happens in some laps before final lap or the final lap itself! Oh and plus bonus for all the girls that watch Formula One, cute boys! *eye wide open* Hahaha..

Now, lets get to the drivers. So far, my favorite drivers are the boys from Red Bull Racing, McLaren and Ferrari. The reason why I set my eyes for them is because I'm new to this sport and the first thing that caught my mind is the top drivers of this race. But Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen are also very interesting to watch. Schumacher made his come back at 2010 and Raikkonen at 2012. Both are world championship title holder. And both of them still got the skills. Well, I can't explain everything as I'm still newbie. If you want to know more, click here to lead you to the Formula 1 official site.

Last but not least, if you want to stay updated with this sport in Bahasa you can follow RepublikF1 or like their facebook fan page here. I have to thank these guys because if I didn't find them, I might have missed this race. So, thank you very much!

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  1. salam BLOGGER dan salam kenal dari blogger asal kota padang, sumatra barat.
    maaf,saya masih Newbie